Contact Me

Phone: (760) 285-0083 / (619) 688-9557

Robert Hirsch, Ph.D
3368 Second Avenue, Suite A3
San Diego, CA 92103

I am available by telephone (619) 688-9557 or voicemail (760) 285-0083, where you may leave a confidential message for me at any time. I check my voice-mail several times a day during the weekdays (between 9:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M., and will normally return calls within several hours of receiving a message. During off hours, including nighttime, weekends and holidays, I check messages periodically, but may not return calls until the next business day. Not being part of a clinic or group practice I am not able to remain ‘on call’ for clinical emergencies, but there is a phone number for the San Diego County crisis line on my outgoing message (800) 479-3339, and this should be used for psychiatric emergencies. For medical emergencies, you should always call 911.

When you leave a message, please be sure to include your name, state your phone number clearly and indicate convenient times you can be reached. If for some reason, I do not return your call by the next business day, please assume there has been a technical problem and call me again.

You are welcome to contact me by e-mail as well, but I am not alerted to the presence of e-mails (as with phone messages) and check e-mails less frequently. So, e-mails should not be used as a primary means of reaching me for anything urgent.