Coaching is a contemporary approach to decision making, life transitions, interpersonal growth and enhancing workplace skills. It is a very goal-directed approach that helps the client develop and implement an action plan.

There are two primary types of coaching; Executive coaching primarily focuses on developing or improving skills, interpersonal communication and management capability in the workplace; Personal coaching primarily focuses upon individual goals that might involve career changes, significant life changes, following your passion and personal development.

In contrast to psychotherapy, the focus is not on symptoms or the understanding or resolution of historical events. Coaching is typically more structured and involves an initial assessment that includes defining very measurable goals.

The primary role of a coach is to keep the client focused and on task, providing specific assignments, reviewing progress and offering encouragement and feedback. Even though it is common for important emotions to focus while working with a personal coach, less attention is given to this area than with traditional psychotherapy. As a psychologist, however, my coaching role and psychotherapy process often serve as adjuncts to one another.  My personal coaching practice in San Diego provides an alternative approach to psychotherapy.